Summer Assignments

Summer Reading – English Language Arts
Summer Reading 2019 – Just READ!
(For AP classes at HHS, scroll to the bottom of the page … Otherwise read on …)

Our message to parents/guardians: Research tells us that students are overstressed, overworked, and overtired. Experience tells us that when a student is forced to read, they may comply, but they may not truly benefit. To that end, Hawthorne High School is instituting a new philosophy for summer reading: Just READ! We hope you encourage your child to read – just because. No essays, no projects, no required texts. Just READ! (There are two exceptions: Due to the time constraints of the AP test, students enrolled in AP Literature or AP Language at HHS do have assignments below.)

Our message to students: Go out and Just READ something this summer. Then read something else. Enjoy it. We know forcing you to read won’t make you a life-long reader. In fact, it may have the opposite effect. So, go read something you like. Tell your friends about it. Tell your family about it. But DON’T write an essay about it! Use that time to go read another book! Just READ!

Go to the library and explore. Pull a book off the shelf. Flip through it. Read the back cover. Put it back if you don’t like it and move on. Find something you will enjoy and Just READ! Happy Summer!

If you WANT to tell your teacher about something GREAT that you read, please look below and use the form for your grade and turn it in on the first day of school. You’ll get a homework pass if you do! (One pass per student).

Optional Assignment

Optional analysis Gr. 9-12

AP Lang Summer Assignment 2019-2020

AP Lit Summer Assignment 2019-2020

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