College Process

College Planning

This is your big future—you're in the driver's seat. Stay focused on what's important to you and what you want to get out of your post-secondary experience. College planning can feel overwhelming at times, but if you take charge and stay focused on your goals, you can make it work for you. The School Counseling Program has put together a comprehensive guide that will help you through this exciting, yet sometimes stressful process. And remember, we are here to support you!

College Bound


1. If you have not already done so, create your Common App account.

2. Link your Naviance Account with your Common App account.

3. Add any non- Common App schools to your "Colleges I am Applying to" list under the "Colleges" tab.

4. Ask your 2 teachers "face to face" for letters of recommendation.

5. Add your teachers as recommenders in the "Colleges" tab.

6. Continue to work on and receive feedback on your ESSAY!

7. If you have not already done so, complete your "Resume" under the "About Me" Tab and inform your counselor that it is complete.

8. Fill out and sign the Transcript request form and hand deliver it to your counselor. WATCH YOUR DEADLINES!!!

9. If you have not already done so, take your SATs and/or ACTs (November or December dates are still available)

** Reminder - You are responsible for sending your official standardized test scores directly from the testing agency to the colleges, universities and scholarship programs.

10. Attend the Passaic County College Fair on Sept. 17th

11. Attend the College Rep Visits (September - November) - Sign up using Naviance

12. Participate in Instant Decision Days!


*** Things you should be working on...

1. Take your SATs and/or ACTs

2. Build your Resume & Consider a summer program. There are so many wonderful opportunities out there at many, many different Universities!!

3. In May/ June, ask your 2 teachers for letters of recommendation in person and "add request" under the Colleges tab in Naviance

4. In the summer before Senior year complete your "Resume" under the "About Me" Tab in Naviance.

5. Go on College Campus Visits

6. Update "Colleges I'm Thinking about" List on your "Colleges" Tab in Naviance.

7. After August 1st, start your Common App. (There is a series of video tutorials made by common app outlining the steps to the application process)

8. Start your Essay, ask your Jr. year English Teacher for assistance.

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